Birthday 1985.9.14
Place of Birth Tokyo
Blood Type A
Hoby Singing & Shopping
Favorite Foods Japanese food, Noodle, Cake
Belongs to Platinum Production
2004 JGTC "Vivace"
DVD: 2005.07.20 DVD "SHIBUCHIKA" (Line Communications)
2005.07.13 DVD/CD "Girl's Box `Best Hits Compilation Summer`" (avex)
2005.03.16 DVD/CD "Girl's Box `Best Hits Compilation`" (avex)
2004.12.10 DVD "Shin Yamagishi Degital Photo Book 9" (Soft Bank Publishing)
2004.09.01 DVD "Viva! Vivace" (avexj
2004.08.04 DVD/CD "SUPER EUROBEAT Vol.150" (avex)
Photograph Book: 2004.12.10 Online "Shibu-Chika! Digital" (ME BOOKS)
2004.09.01 "Vivace Special" (San-ei Shoboj
CDF 2007.12.07 "The Symbol" SHANADOO 2nd Album in Germany
2007.12.07 "Think About" SHANADOO 6th CD Single in Germany
2007.10.05 "Japanese Boy" SHANADOO 5th CD Single in Germany
2007.04.27 "Welcome to Tokyo" SHANADOO Limited Edition in Germany
2007.03.21 "Super GT Special Round -The Best-" in Japan
2007.03.09 "Hypnotized" SHANADOO 4th CD Single in Germany
2007.02.28 "Welcome to Tokyo" SHANADOO 1st Album in Japan
2006.12.01 "Welcome to Tokyo" SHANADOO 1st Album in Germany
2006.11.17 "Guilty of Love" SHANADOO 3rd CD Single in Germany
2006.08.22 "My Samurai" SHANADOO 2nd CD Single in Germany
2006.06.16 "King Kong" (CD Single) SHANADOO Debut in Germany
2004.12.22 "AUTO SALON 2005" (avex), incl. A-Class 2005 "Let me love you"
2004.09.01 "JGTC SPECIAL 2004 2nd Round" (avex) incl. Vivace "Flame Love"
2004.05.19 "JGTC SPECIAL 2004" (avex) incl. Vivace "On My Own"
TV (Japan): 2006 Umacchi/ CM excite! / etc.
2005 OUTPUT / Guppii / Watashi ga P! da / Buttchi NUKI / etc.
2004 Gekiso GT / Tenshi Ranman / Gekiban / Mizugi Shoujo / Necha Dame F Girls /
-----Digi Yatai / etc.
2003 Oshare Idol Gakuen / etc.
Magazine: 2005.08.26 E ONNA
2005.07.19 GRAPHY vol.7
2005.07.17 Kaizoku NO.1
2005.01.27 Weekly Jitsuwa (Cover)
2004.12.14 Doki!
2004.12.09 BOMB
2004.11.30 Chu Special
2004.11.20 Monthly Digital Photo
2004.10.21 Weekly Young Jump
2004.08.15 Up to boy
2004.07.22 Up to boy
2004.06.17 The Best ORIGINAL
2004.06.07 Jitsuwa Gokkin
2003.12.24 URECCOgal
2003.11.17 Chu
2003.09.27 Magazine Woo